Monday, January 23, 2012

I have a bunch of photocopies from a book of Swedish Allspel tunes which has the charming property of actually containing tunes that everybody knows. It also contains a lot of good tunes, and those are the ones I have copies of. I've been taping a few of them a week to the wall in my living room (yeah, I don't have a music stand) and practicing them until I like how they sound. You can tell which one's I've done this to already, because they have tape on them. This is one of those tunes.

This is a tune called Brudmarsch efter Tรคpp Erik. Like a lot of Swedish bridal music it is inexplicably minor and incredibly beautiful. I'm mostly satisfied with this recording of it, in that I think it reflects most of my skill as a fiddler, but listening to it again I do want to try to play with some of the dynamics more. Specifically piano. This tune could start quieter and build a lot. Unfortunately, as my roommate just pointed out, it shouldn't do that at 11 PM for the sake of the neighbors, so it won't, at least until tomorrow.

Listen here!

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